Madison Raccoon Fur Vest

American Raccoon Fur Hooded Vest

  • 100% Silk Lining
  • Hook & Eye Closure
  • Length: 29in/74cm
  • Fur Origin: USA
  • Made in USA

Ships in 3-5 days

Professionally clean by fur method

Give your fur a good home.  Make sure your fur is stored in a cool dry place where there is no direct sun-light or heat source.  Never store your fur in plastic or crushed next to other garments- your fur likes its own cool space.
Avoid any chemicals, strong perfumes, hairspray and make-up near your fur.
Your fur can handle light rain and snow.  If your fur does get wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. If your fur seems to have soaked through—please contact us, or your local furrier for further instructions on proper treatment.
In the off-season send your fur in for cleaning and storage by a professional furrier only.
Suede and leather can be hard to clean.  We suggest you have them cleaned professionally.






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Type: Vests

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